Apples of North-Eastern America

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Basic Royalty-Free Licence
The purchase of the CD grants you a personal, non-transferable, exclusive right to copy the images to your personal computer and to be the sole user of the images on that computer, subject to the following terms and conditions. You may use the images for personal purposes and for professional uses incidental to other commercial activities (such as in brochures, newsletters, presentations, website designs, and advertisements). However, the source of the images must be indicated as follows: "Courtesy of: Apples of North-Eastern America," or leave the text "Apples of North-Eastern America / Pommiers du Nord-Est de l'Amérique," on the images. Images cannot be incorporated in products that are offered for sale unless a Resale Licence is purchased (see below). Images cannot be incorporated in a product for the purpose of redistributing the images, and the images themselves cannot be sold, rented, downloaded or transferred electronically, such as on an electronic network or bulletin board.
Resale Image Licence
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