Guiying Wang


Guiying Wang Guiying Wang was born in Beijing in China. After she had terminated her secondary studies, she went to the countryside for producing vegetables . In 1979, after two years of work at the farm, she was enrolled in China Agriculture University and obtained a baccalaureate in agronomy. Since 1983, she worked in Beijing Agriculture University and was engaged in scientific research, teaching and popularization. In 1986, she entered Zhejiang Agriculture University for her master studies. She was honored associated professor of Beijing Agriculture University in 1997. During these years, she taught horticultural physiology, the sheltered production, the resource germplasme of vegetables etc. At the same time, she was responsible for 12 research projects and published 33 research articles of more than 440 000 words relating to horticultural physiology and production. At the crossing of the millenary, she arrived at Quebec. She worked at CIDES, in St-Hyacinthe in 2000-2001, to introduce and develop Asian vegetables in Quebec. By taking part the formation at Carrefourble, she obtain updated knowledge about agroalimentary of Quebec, the PAEF, and the HACCP etc. Now, she makes training course at Agriculture Canada, Horticulture Research and Development Centre, in Plant Breeding and Physiology of Fruits/Small Fruits, and Statistics. The principal task is to realize the propagation technique of the apple rootstocks.
The persons in charge of the training course: Shahrokh Khanizadeh