Muriel Derousseaux

Evaluation of susceptibility to leaf and fruit diseases of strawberry cultivars during breeding

Muriel Derousseaux is doing a nine-week internship at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada ’s Horticulture Research and Development Centre (HRDC) in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, where she is serving on the small fruit breeding and physiology team. Muriel is working toward an engineering degree in agronomy and plant production at the Ecole Nationale des Ingénieurs en Techniques Agricoles (ENITA Clermont-Ferrand) in France.  

Summary of objectives and work done:
Strawberries are susceptible to many diseases, some of which affect the plants growing in the field and some fruit held in storage. These diseases cause severe damage to strawberries and result in yield losses. Disease resistance is therefore a criterion used in the selection of cultivars.
The goal of the study was to compare known cultivars with new selections in terms of their relative susceptibility to foliar diseases (leaf scorch, leaf spot, leaf blight) and to fruit diseases (Botrytis cinerea, Rhizopus and Penicillium). The general appearance of the strawberries in storage was monitored to determine whether fruit appearance and disease incidence are correlated.
In addition, the antioxidant content of the fruit will be measured next winter, because previous studies have suggested that there is a positive correlation between the levels of antioxidants in strawberries and their resistance to fungal diseases.

Address :
Muriel Derousseaux
ENITA Clermont-Ferrand
Site de Marmihlat,
63370 Lempdes

Professor: Christian Perrier
The person in charge of the training course: Shahrokh Khanizadeh