Zheng-Qiang SHI


In 1986, Zheng-Qiang SHI obtained a B.Sc. in agronomy, horticulture specialty, from Beijing Agricultural University (China) and a postgraduate scholarship for France. In 1992, he obtained a Ph.D. in plant biology from University of Nancy I (France). His research subject is the integration of nitrogen nutrient and mitocondrial respiratory activity in soybean. He studied the role of cyanide-resistant pathway of respiratory chain in nitrogen metabolism. Since 1993, he was associate professor in Beijing Agricultural University (China). He gave the graduate course of the principle of vegetable production and the master courses of Physiology and ecology of vegetable crops and The quality and nutrition of vegetable. He carried out research subject in physiology, quality and nutraceutical properties of vegetable. In 2000, he undertook his research in effects of different EC management on yield, quality and nutraceutical properties of tomatoes grown under supplemental lighting at Horticulture Research Centre, Laval University, Qc. In 2004, he migrated to Canada. By taking part the formation at CarrefourBLE, he obtain updated knowledge about agro alimentation of Quebec, the PAEF, and the HACCP etc. Now, he makes training course at Agriculture Canada, Horticulture Research and Development Centre, in Plant Breeding and Physiology of Fruits/Small Fruits, and Statistics. The principal task is to investigate the symptoms of mineral deficiency in nutrient solution of strawberry. He is the author and co-author of 12  published scientific papers.
The persons in charge of the training course: Shahrokh Khanizadeh