Emmanuel Tury

turyeEmmanuel TURY studies agronomy engineering in ENESAD (Établissement National d`Enseignement Supérieur Agronomique de Dijon), France. In September 2008, he will begin the option sciences and techniques of vegetable productions. He is currently doing a 3 month internship at the Horticulture Research and Development Centre (HRDC), Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, where he joined the small fruit breeding and physiology team.

Project Title: “Study of flesh quality, shelf life and post harvest of selected strawberry lines”

The objective of the project is to determine the strawberry quality and shelf life in relation to its chemical composition and phytochemical content. For this purpose, 8 strawberry cultivars well known for their yield quality, disease resistance and food-processing uses were selected and studied using 4 repetitions of 5 strawberries each. The parameters determined are: pH, soluble solid content, total acidity, firmness, achene’s insertion, calyx position, color of skin and flesh, weight. Finally, during the 4 days following the harvest, the presence of juice lost, diseases, skin color and glossiness as well as fruit weight were determined.

Emmanuel TURY
Établissement National d`Enseignement Supérieur Agronomique de Dijon
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 Professor in charge of the follow-up of training course: Jean-Philippe Guillemin
 Educational responsible in charge of practical training: Shahrokh Khanizadeh