Janie Larivière


In 1995, she obtained a biology bachelorship of science from the Quebec University in Montreal with an ecology specialization. In June 1998, she was awarded a professional master in environment science, from the same university. Her research project consisted of studying the conifers regeneration potential under the deciduous forests. Since then she is particularly interested in phytoecology and ecophysiology. During her studies she carried out two training courses in a work environment as a Biologist. The first training course during the Summer 1996 at Hydro-Quebec Corporation consisted in taking part in the development and the execution of an action plan for the common ragweed (Ambrosia artémisiifolia) control on Hydro-Quebec properties. During Summer 1997, she carried out a second training course at Heritage Laurentien, which is a non-profit institution for protection and conservation of the Lachine rapids and the La Prairie basin. During this training course she had to take part in the creation of an ecological management plan for the Montreal urban community. Since April 1998, she joined Dr. Khanizadeh’s team as a Project’s Analyst within a one year training course framework. Her work is concerned by the study of the glaze consequences on the different apple trees varieties and rootstocks.