Martine Deschênes


Martine Deschênes received a D.E.C. in humanities from the CEGEP de La Pocatière in 1975 and then, in 1980, graduated from the Institut de technologie agricole de la Pocatière with a degree in agricultural technology (plant science). That same year Martine worked at the Montreal Botanical Garden as a gardener assigned to the Floralies Internationales. From 1981 to 1984, Martine worked as an assistant technician in entomology at the AAFC’s research station in St. Jean sur Richelieu. In 1984, she took up the duties of greenhouse supervisor at this same station, a position she held for four years. Afterward, Martine worked as a field plot supervisor at AAFC’s Acadie experimental farm. In January 1999, she joined Dr. Khanizadeh’s team as a strawberry breeding technician.