Ottawa 3 Clonal Apple Rootstock


Origin: Research Station, Agriculture Canada, Ottawa, Ontario.
Rootstock name: Ottawa 3
Breeder: D.S. Blair and S.H. Nelson and further developed by L.P.S.Spangelo and S.O. Fejer
Authors: L.P.S. Spangelo, S.O. Fejer, S.J. Leuty, and R.L. Granger
Pedigree: Robin x Malling 9
Year released: 1974
Short Description: Ottawa 3 (Malus baccata (L.) Borkh. X M. sylvestris Mill.) X Jaune de Metz = chance French crab apple seedling of possibliy Trans-caucasian origin is a new dwarfing clonal apple rootstock developed at the Agriculture Canada Research Station, Ottawa, Ontario. It produces dwarf to semidwarf trees slightly smaller than Malling 26 (M26) and larger than M9, but because of its superior hardiness it is better adapted to Canadian conditions.

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