Origin: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec.
Cultivar name: Belmac
Breeder: R.L. Granger, Shahrokh Khanizadeh, Yvon Groleau, Charles N. Fortin, G.L. Rousselle, L P.S. Spangelo
Author(s): R.L. Granger, Shahrokh Khanizadeh, Yvon Groleau, Charles N. Fortin, G.L. Rousselle, L P.S. Spangelo
Pedigree: Introduced in 1996. Ottawa 521 (Melba X PRI 11-151 which has M. floribunda 821 in its ancestry) X Spartan.
Test code:
Tree characteristics: hardy to -25° C, medium vigor, upright to upright-spreading, precocious, annual bearer, very productive, fruit borne mainly on 2-year-old wood and well distributed throughout the tree canopy; good pollinizer.
Flower characteristics:
Fruit characteristics: attractive, above medium size, 62-66 X 70-75 mm, average weight 140 g, round to oblate; basin: medium in depth, slightly furrowed, wide; calyx: closed, lobes separated at the base and recurved, cavity: acuminate, deep, medium width, slight to moderate russet; stem: long, medium thick; skin: smooth, glossy, moderately tough, medium thick, up to 90% cardinal red, slightly striped over a chartreuse green undercolor, bloom is scant, fruit does not become waxy in storage, conspicuous, smooth, round, white to beige dots; flesh: white with a tinge of pale green, juicy, attractive rosy juice, medium to coarse texture, breaking, firm; flavor: sweet, mild subacid, rich aromatic; quality: excellent; end use: fresh, dessert; ripens late, one week after McIntosh.
Post Harvest, storage: excellent, up to 15 weeks at 1° C; may develop core flush when stored in controlled atmosphere at 2.5% CO2 and 2.5% O2.
Other characteristics: Diseases and disorders: field immune to apple scab, tolerant to powdery mildew and frog-eye leaf spot; patented variety.
Adaptation & availability: Good for Quebec and Eastern and Central Canada. A limited number of budwood is available from the breeder after signing a non-propagation agreement (only to universities and research stations).

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