Origin: Federal Agriculture Research Station, Ottawa, Ontario.
Cultivar name: Blair
Breeder: D.S. Blair, P. Roy, R.L. Granger
Author(s): D.S. Blair, P. Roy, R.L. Granger
Pedigree: McIntosh X Fameuse.
Test Code: Introduced in 1973. O-294
Tree characteristics: very hardy, very vigorous, spreading, wide angle branches, moderate annual production, very precocious; bloom: late mid-season, with McIntosh.
Flower characteristics:
Fruit characteristics: medium size, 63-70 mm diameter, round-conic, more pointed than McIntosh; skin: thin and tough, solid dark red with occasional light green areas, covered with heavy bloom; flesh: white, rarely pale green, juicy, tender, somewhat firm, crisp, very fine; flavor: mildly subacid, aromatic; quality: good; end use: dessert, fresh eating; ripens September 17 (Frelighsburg, QC), 10 days before McIntosh.
Post Harvest, storage: till March.
Other characteristics: colors better than McIntosh, otherwise very similar.
Adaptation & availability: Good for Quebec and Eastern and Central Canada. A limited number of budwood is available from the breeder after signing a non-propagation agreement (only to universities and research stations).