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Origin: Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Plants: Day Neutral
Habit: flat-globose, weak vigor and an average of 1.6 crowns/plant
Runners: few and pubescent
Leaves: medium green, medium blistering, three leaflets; terminal leaflet: profile cupped, average length/width ratio 1.14, shape of base is obtuse, shape of teeth is mainly obtuse but sometimes almost rounded; petiole: pubescent.
Flowers: inflorescence is beneath the foliage, calyx is smaller to slightly smaller than the corolla, inner calyx is larger than the outer, petals are overlapping and slightly broader than large to as long as broad
Fruiting truss: semi-erected and short
Observations were taken at l'Acadie, Quebec, on a heavy soil type over a raised black plastic mulch. Plot size: density 6 plants/m2 and plant spacing was 25cm in row and between (two replicates). Flowers were removed until June 30th.