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Origin: Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Plants: Day Neutral
Habit: globose, vigorous, average 3.4 crowns/plant
Runners: many, thick to very thick and pubescent
Leaves: darker than medium green, medium blistering, three leaflets; terminal leaflet: profile flat and cupped, average length/width ratio 1.07, shape of base is mainly obtuse but sometimes almost rounded, shape of teeth is mainly obtuse but sometimes almost rounded; petiole: pubescent.
Flowers: secondary are medium size (21-27mm), inflorescence are beneath to almost level with foliage, calyx is slightly smaller than the corolla, inner calyx is slightly larger than larger then outer; petals: slightly overlapping to overlapping, broader than long.
Fruit: average length and width is 3.5cm and 2.7cm respectively, lenth /width ratio is 1.3, the predominant shape is conic and the band without achenes is narrow; skin color: bright red and glossy; achenes are inserted below surface level; calyx: hard to hull, same diameter to slightly larger than fruit, level to slightly above fruit and segments are reflexed; flesh: very firm and orange-red almost throughout; flavor is pleasant with medium acidity and sugar.
Other: this evaluation was done in l'Acadie, Quebec, on heavy soil type over a raised black plastic mulch. Plot size: density 6 plants/m2 and plant spacing was 25cm in row and between. (two replicates)