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In 1996, a new project was established between Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Les Fraises de l' Île d'Orleans Inc. and McGill University to develop a new firm strawberry cultivars with long shelf-life suitable for transportation. Five selections (FIO-9623-55, FIO-9524-74, FIO-968-1, FIO-9624-11, FIO-9623-40) were retained and entered into the advanced trials. FIO-9623-55 was reselected for its good shelf-life, high yield and firm large fruit. Chemical analysis of fruit revealed a high level of antioxidants. Gallic acid, cathechin and epicathechin constructive elements of strawberry proanthocyanidins, which may act as fungistatic compounds toward Botritis cinerea, were found in high concentration. Some strawberry phenolics may act both as antifungal chemicals to extend shielf-life, and as antioxydants to enhance quality preservation. Proanthocyanidins are under evaluation for its fungistatic potential in a different project with ’’Les Fraises de l’Île d’Orleans inc’’. The "FIO-9623-55" is released under the name Orléans. It is a June-bearing (mid-season) strawberry cultivar (Fragaria x ananassa Duch.) with high level of Antioxidants bred for Eastern Central Canada and more specifically for l’Île d'Orleans, under Quebec growing conditions.
' Orléans ', is a progeny resulting from a cross between two recent released from our station, 'AC L'Acadie' and 'Joliette', made in 1996 by S. Khanizadeh. ' Orléans' has been tested at the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada substation in L'Acadie, Quebec and at Île d'Orleans, Quebec, since 1997. It outyieled 'Annapolis' and 'Kent' in both trials and had the highest level of antioxydants tested, including ellagic acid, gallic acid, cethechin and epicathechin, compared to 23 strawberry cultivars including 'Kent' and 'Annapolis'.
Contact the licenced nurseries or the breeder. (Additional information on this new culltivar can be obtained from Les Fraises de l' Île d'Orleans Inc. (LG) or from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (SK). )
PBRO and US Patent
U.S. Patent PP17670
L’édition du mardi, 27 juin 2006 du quotidien Le Soleil (PDF file).

Rien de meilleur pour la santé que les fraises - by Anne Desjardins, Le Soleil (PDF version).

What are Antioxidants?
Strawberry antioxydants may act to extend shelf-life and enhance quality preservation by delaying senescence created by oxidative degradation. Antioxydants include enzymes, ascorbic acid-glutathione cycle and phenolic compounds, such as proanthocyanidins (flavan-3-ols-oligomers), which may also contribute to quality preservation acting both as antifungal compound and as antioxydant molecules. Our aim is to determine whether proanthocyanidins is related to disease resistance, and if there is relationship between antioxidants, shelf-life and fruit quality.
A research program is already in progress with Les Fraises d'Ile d'Orleans Inc entitled " Presence of antioxydants in strawberry fruits and its possible relation to improved quality and extension of shelf-life". The results of this research will offer a screening test to predict fungistatic and preservation potential of strawberry cultivars. This research will also add new selection criteria for strawberry toward improved quality and extention of shelf-life. In addition, new cultivars with enhanced antioxydants level in the fruits will also be benificial for consumer health.
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Test of Resistant to soil born diseases in USA

'Orléans' planted in August, after growing them out in individual large cells in potting soil prior to field planting. The right image shows ' Orléans' on unfumigated raised beds normally covered with plastic mulch compare to 'Chandler' which planted under the same condition in adjacent unfumigated plots.

'Chandler' on unfumigated soil

'Orleans' on unfumigated soil

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