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Rosalyne’ strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa Duch.) produces very large, showy blooms all summer long on hardy, attractive plants. Flowering starts early in the spring and continues until frost occurs in the fall. The plants are resistant to leaf spot (Mycosphaerella fragariae (Tul.) Lindau). ‘Rosalyne’ is being released as an ornamental for home gardeners by the Quebec strawberry breeding program located at the Horticultural Research and Development Centre of the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Research Station in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu. The main goals of the Quebec strawberry breeding program are the development of June-bearing and day-neutral strawberry genotypes with improved disease resistance and horticultural characteristics.
'Rosalyne' is the progeny of a cross between Fern (female) and (SJ9616-1 x Pink Panda) (male) which was done in 1994 at our station in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu. It was first planted in 1995, selected in 1996 and given the number SJO9620-76.  It was evaluated for several years in our fields at the L’Acadie substation located near St-Jean-sur-Richelieu and also tested at commercial nursery during 1998-2000. 
Flowering starts in early to mid-July during the first season in the field and from mid- to late May in subsequent seasons.  The flowers are very large (4.3 cm on average) and are produced on inflorescences which are held from slightly below to slightly above the plant. The petals are touching and range in shape from broader than long to as broad as long. The petal surface color is variable but it is usually paler pink (red-purple group 65A or 67D) in the center surrounded by a margin of darker pink (red-purple group 67A or 67B) or it can be uniformly dark pink (red-purple group 67A)(Royal Horticultural Society, 1995). The underside is usually paler pink (red-purple group 65A).
The fruiting trusses are medium length and are erect at first picking. The fruit is very small to medium size and it has no neck. The achenes are inserted level with the surface and the calyx, which is fairly easy to remove, is clasping to almost reflexed. The fruit skin is red and moderately glossy. The flesh is medium red to 20 %, moderately firm and it has an excellent wild strawberry flavor. 

The moderately vigorous plant has a flat habit and it forms a medium density bed. There is a good production of stolons in all years of growth including the first year. 
Rosalyne is recommended for home gardeners who want a perennial plant that will bloom all summer and also produce excellent tasting fruit.
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