Origin: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec.
Cultivar name: SJC649
Test Code: SJC649
Tree characteristics: hardy, spreading, precocious, type 3 bearing (fruiting zone moves rapidly away from the trunk to the outside of the tree); leaves: apex cuspidate, serrate, fairly dark green, underside is pubescent, length: width ratio 1.7, petioles 24 to 30 mm long (average 26.8 mm) with fairly thin stipules.
Flower characteristics: Flowering starts at the same time as MacSpur in Frelighsburg. Unopened flowers are medium to dark pink (RHS 59C); in full balloon stage and the flowers are single. The broad elliptic and sometimes oblong petals overlap and are mainly white with medium pink veining (RHS 58A); the pedicels are green with a red stripe.
Fruit characteristics: attractive, medium size, average 135 g, transverse diameter 67 to 74 mm, mainly round-conic but can also be conic or round, the fruit can be a bit lopsided; basin: shallow depth, narrow width and wavy; calyx: medium size, partly open, calyx tube conic-shaped, stamens in median to slightly basal position; cavity: smooth, mainly acute, shallow to above medium depth, bellow medium width; stem: mainly long but can sometimes be medium, bellow medium to medium thickness, a little pubescent; seeds: brown, plump with an elongated end, acute tip; skin: smooth, fairly thick, 80-100% washed to dark red (RHS 53A) over a yellowish-green background (RHS 150C) with dark red stripes (RHS 185A) overlaying the colored areas, above medium bloom, high numbers of beige lenticels across the entire surface but they are larger in size on the cheeks and smaller near the stem and the calyx, lenticels are conspicuous over red areas; flesh: pressure test 85 N on average, medium juiciness, crisp, white; flavor: very pleasant, slightly tart, nice blend of sweetness and acidity, soluble solids are 12.7%, malic acid content ranges from 6.6 to 7.2g/l; end use: good for fresh eating and for storage; ripens October 6, about a week after Spartan (Frelighsburg, QC).
Post Harvest, storage: after 6 months of storage in controlled atmosphere (2.5% O2, 4.5% CO2): fruit quality is excellent, taste and aroma are good, flesh is crisp, fruit are medium-firm (6.2 kg), the acidity is low (0.43%) and the soluble solids are medium (11.8%). The fruit keeps for at least 2 more months in a regular cold room following storage in CA. Fruit quality is superior in texture and taste to that of Spartan stored under similar conditions.
Other characteristics: Diseases and disorders: field immune to apple scab and no disorders observed to date in our orchards in Frelighsburg (Quebec).
Adaptation & availability: Good for Quebec and Eastern and Central Canada. A limited number of budwood is available from the breeder after signing a non-propagation agreement (only to universities and research stations).