Origin: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec.
Cultivar name: SJC7503-1
Test Code:
Tree characteristics:
Flower characteristics:
Fruit characteristics: attractive, small, short round-conic, a bit lopsided, regular to elliptical cross-section; basin: medium depth and width, surface is very slightly ridged; calyx: open, lobes persistent and erect to recurved, calyx tube is funnel-shaped, stamens are in basal position; cavity: acute to obtuse, medium depth and width, russeted; stem: very short to medium length, large diameter and knobby at the end; core: medium size, closed to partly open, in distant position, with prominent clasping core lines and prominent green core dots; carpels: heart shaped, axile and symmetrical, distal end is emarginate, insides are smooth; seeds: a bit flattened, not tufted, with an obtuse to acute tip; skin: smooth, medium thickness, washed dark red on sunny side fading at the edges over a greenish-yellow background, low number of medium size to large lenticels which are fairly conspicuous; flesh: creamy white, low level of discoloration after cutting; ripens second week of September in Frelighsburg, QC.
Post Harvest, storage: good shelf-life, after 4 months in regular cold room: flesh is firm, crisp, juicy, taste is pleasant, aromatic and subacid.
Other characteristics: Diseases and disorders: not susceptible to storage disorders.
Adaptation & availability: Good for Quebec and Eastern and Central Canada. No budwood is available from the breeder until further testing.