Origin: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec.
Cultivar name: SJC7902-1
Test Code: SJC7902-1
Tree characteristics:
Flower characteristics:
Fruit characteristics: attractive, medium to large size, average weight 141 g, axial diameter 51-61 mm, transverse diameter 66-78 mm, mainly flat globose but can also be globose, sides are a bit angular and the fruit can be a bit lopsided; basin: deep, fairly wide, wavy to above medium crown, no russet; eye: fairly small, open; calyx: downy, sepals persistent, free to touching at base, medium length and erect, stamens visible and in basal position; cavity: medium to long depth, medium width and sometimes lined with greenish-brown russet; stem: long 22-27mm, fairly slender 2mm; core: in distant position, with clasping core lines; skin: smooth, medium thick, 85-100% dark red flush (RHS 53A) becoming gradually washed with greyed-red (179A) over a greenish-yellow background (RHS 154D) with dark greyed-purple streaks and stripes (RHS 187A-B) overlaying the colored areas, heavy bloom, medium numbers of small, white, round inconspicuous lenticels; flesh: yellowish-cream color; maturity season: late.
Postharvest, storage: after 4 months of cold storage (2C°) fruit quality is good: juicy, a little bit mealy, medium-firm (pressure test 6.4 kg); flavor: very pleasant, sweet, aromatic, slightly tart, titratable acidity is 0.68%, soluble solids are high 14.0%; end use: good for fresh eating and for storage.
Other characteristics: Diseases and disorders: resistant to apple scab, no powdery mildew or fireblight detected in our orchards in Frelighsburg (Quebec).
Adaptation & availability: Good for Quebec and Eastern and Central Canada. A limited number of budwood is available from the breeder and our partner after signing a non-propagation agreement (only to universities and research stations).